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“This is a really helpful book. Alex unlocks a new tool for professionals, managers and executives to help them manage their most critical resource: time. A Not Doing List gives you practical, effective ways to say NO to the 'wrong' things, so you can say YES to 'right' things.”



Mark McClain, Chief Executive Officer, SailPoint and best selling author of Joy and Success At Work: Building Organizations That Don’t Suck (The Life Out Of People)

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Mary Abbajay, President & CEO, Careerstone Group LLC and author of Managing Up: How to Succeed with Any Type of Boss

"Saying 'no' to your boss is really hard. Alex outlines the fears that hold you back and gives you new tangible tips to make it routine, natural, and easy."


"Sick of feeling behind, overwhelmed and with a heavy mental load? This approach is a new way to take control. Alex unlocks a secret weapon for time management so you can confidently spend your time on what matters."

Carolyn Frey, Chief People Officer, Philz Coffee

"Saying ‘no’ is really hard. Not Doing List breaks it down and helps you get better at it each day."


Bart van den Huijsen, CFO Europe, The HEINEKEN Company

“Staying focused is hard in this fully-digital easily-distracted work environment. Not Doing List outlines new and easy-to-implement tactics to help you stay focused and get ahead.”


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Haniel Lynn, Chief Executive Officer, Kastle Systems

“Imagine what you could accomplish if you weren’t pulled in too many directions. The Not Doing List gives you a roadmap to focus your efforts on your highest value work.”

Michael Misiewicz, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at JPMorgan Chase & Co.


“Getting ahead as a leader requires focus and figuring out what is not important. Not Doing List offers a guide for future leaders to clear out low value things and crush your goals each year” 

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Sara Welch Goucher, Director of eCommerce, Molson Coors Beverage Company

“Brilliant minds understand the complex and explain it simply.  Alex is brilliant and so is his book. Saying ’no’ says easy but does hard.  Once mastered however, the power is awesome.  His book, “Not Doing List” is a 'must read’ for anyone looking to super-charge their career or even just enjoy the things in life you love most.”

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Bob Sicina, Professorial Lecturer at the American University Kogod School of Business and former President of Latin America and the Caribbean for American Express

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