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Nike's 10 Value 👟

Nike was founded on ten business values that allowed the leadership team to rapidly build a world-leading brand. Included in these values is a list of dangers that can stall the organization and must be avoided at all costs. One of these dangers was framed as “energy givers versus energy takers.” Another stated as, "don't get too many things on the platter."

I wrote Not Doing List to help you avoid these two dangers. Everyday. To make sure that you dodge the things that deflate your energy and to keep the list of things on your platter small. Avoiding these two dangers allows you to channel enormous energy into solving harder problems for your organization.

I've shared Nike's ten values below. I encourage you to print these out and tack them up in your office (or wherever you're working these days). I find that at lease one of these can be applied in just about every situation at work. Planning, meetings, processes, customers, and coaching your team.

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